Events Management


To offer excellent and complete service en the production of events of any category; according to the client’s needs and requirements, considering the organization and administration of events including:

  • Banquet (weddings, private events, dinners, lunches, and celebrations of any type)
  • Catering ( coktails, coffe break)
  • Corporate events (End of the year parties, inaugurations, anniversaries, and special events)


To become a mid-size enterprise that reaches a sizable market quota while competing with great enterprises in our area. To position ourselves with our clients in a manner that we are delivering an elegant, all- encompassing excellent service; providing the best products by way of the professional work of our supporting team.

Banquet and Garstronomic Set-ups

At ArtLabbé Productions we take charge of producing and designing each event’s gastronomic contract in accordance with each client’s needs and wants. We also provide personalized attention to each guest, as well as excellent service.

Image Design

If the client requests it, we can find the event space and set it up according specifications. We also offer print designs of all types, photography, and video.

Adorn and Decorate each Event

We can adorn and decorate each event, as well as provide accessories or other special requirements. Always innovating and attentive to each detail that makes a table and its surroundings more elegant and fantastic.


This area is in charge of the set-up and take-down of tables and tents. Also, of all the lighting sound, and music needed for the event.

Animation and Entertainment

At Artlabbé Productions we can animate events and entertain the guests with music, dance, and humor; because with passion and talent, and always thinking about our clients, we can make each moment a place of entertainment and amusement.


To request a quote or book a reunion write to:
María José Fuentes Labbé
+562 2 2228-8779


Among the most important events we have coordinated are prestigious brands such as Heineken and LG who had confidence in us and the quest of elegance and quality.

Heineken Event

LG Event


To request a quote or book a reunion write to:
María José Fuentes Labbé
+562 2 2228-8779